25 Sep

Interactive Platform That Lets You Challenge Yourself And Your Friends to Pretty Much Anything!

We had a lengthy discussion with Mr. “Kevin Kim”, Co-Founder of the Canadian (Ontario)-based start-up “www.growple.com” regarding his newly formed venture.

As per Mr. Kim; Growple! wants you to do more, have fun and make a difference. Growple! is all about taking “social” and bringing it back to an age where conversing was a prized skill. If you’ve ever sat down in a room where everyone was on their phone, then you can see this invasion at work. There is no question about it, in the past 10 years technology has advanced at an exponential rate.

Mobile broadband subscriptions are expected to grow from 900 million in 2011, to almost 5 billion subscriptions in 2016. Additionally, 57% of the world’s population speaks more online than in real life. We’re constantly trading online connections for offline physical interaction when the two can not only coexist, but also harmoniously complement one another.

At Growple! we strongly believe in providing a tool that will seamlessly bridge the gap that has surfaced between online and offline interaction.

At Growple!, we believe nothing brings people together like fun activities. This is why our startup’s lead product is designed to get you off your desk and into real life through fun challenges. Our platform lets you challenge yourself & your friends to anything and everything! Whether you’re challenging the mailman to a 1-on-1-basketball game or challenging yourself to lose 20 pounds in 3 months, we’re pushing people to go out more, be healthy, be friendly, and find the time to talk to those that matter.

Even if you’re not actively participating, our platform allows you to browse all the challenges your friends are taking part in and lets you cheer them on, cheer against them, upload related media, or simply drop your two cents in the comment box. The goal is for people to enjoy these challenges and to build a sense of community around these activities.

The breakdown of traditional, value based, face-to-face interaction has already started becoming a wide spread issue amongst the younger generation. 48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook first thing in the morning. Early adoption to technology and social media play an important factor in this behavior. Such an issue affect individuals of all personality types, as they may find refuge on these online platforms to satisfy their extroverted or introverted personality traits.

Growple! hopes to tackle such issues, not through bombarding the community with yet another generic online platform, but by providing them a means to seek out and connect with individuals in the real world. We do so, by providing our users with a channel for online and offline social feedback, a form of gamification and finally, a fun & creative challenge platform that will really engage the community.

Our goal is to be relentless on the quality and the service our product offers. We are a start-up that your grandfather can raise his pint to, and your teenage cousin can tweet about.

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