Oracle’s Solaris platform is one of the company’s fastest growing products. This solution is now being used by enterprises in numerous industries and is likely to be chosen as a solution by an even wider number of businesses in multiple industries over the next decade. For this reason, achieving Solaris administration certifications through Oracle is a strong career move for many IT professions. If you’re interested in advancing your skills in Solaris administration, you’ll want to know what certifications are available and which may be the best suited to your career goals.

Solaris certifications are offered at the associate, professional and expert levels. There are operating system and system, network and security administration certifications available as well. In additional to these administration-focused certifications, Oracle also offers an installation and configuration credential for Solaris 11.

There are Solaris 10 and 11 certifications offered as well. While the 11 version is the most current, there are still many businesses that utilize version 10 solutions. Certification in either version is a viable validation of skills for career advancement.

The certifications currently offered for Solaris include:

1. Associate Level

1.1. 10Operating System

1.2. 11System Administrator

2. Professional Level

2.1. 10System Administrator

2.2. 11System Administrator

2.3. Cluster 3.2 System Administrator

2.4. 11Installation and Configuration Certified Implementation Specialist

3. Expert Level

3.1. 10Network Administrator

3.2. 10Security Administrator

Whichever certification path you choose to take with Oracle, you’ll want to ensure you’re successful in taking and passing your certification exams and using an exam prep service like is the best way to accomplish your goals.

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